Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide counselling services to adults from diverse backgrounds and varying social-economic contexts, living or working in the North East Hampshire/Berks/Surrey border area.

We aim to walk alongside our clients as they navigate the uncertainties and challenges of life and help them transform these challenges into life-enhancing opportunities. We provide support to our clients with care and compassion and believe that through the strong, relational connection that counselling offers, clients become empowered to move forward in a healthy, resilient manner.

We use traditional and leading-edge therapeutic techniques to provide an educational and therapeutic experience that:

  • Enhances self-awareness.
  • Brings clear focus of issues, difficulties, patterns etc.
  • Promotes discovery of life tools.
  • Enables resolution of core issues and lifelong patterns of personal struggle.
  • Celebrates talents, strengths and hopes and inspires clients to make positive changes that make the most of their lives.
  • Increases sense of meaning and purpose.

We believe that enabling individuals to realise their potential has a positive effect both on individuals and society as a whole.


As a team of registered and/or accredited BACP counsellors, we are committed to providing high-quality, affordable and accessible counselling to our clients. We are also committed to assist in the training of counsellors to a high professional standard.

We operate a policy of equality and non-discrimination with regard to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and disability.

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